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There are certain diseases that affect children who do not have access to prevention solutions. Measles is still one of the leading global cause of vaccine-preventable death and disability amongst children. Those who survive it face life-long disabilities such as blindness and brain damage. Another disease that affects children is polio. It is a highly infectious diseases that is transmitted through contaminated food and water. It causes paralysis or even death within a few hours of its infection. Help those in need receive access to basic prevention with this UNICEF Immunisation Kit which includes doses of measles and polio vaccine.

What you get

UNICEF Immunisation Kit includes:

  • 10 doses of measles vaccine
  • 20 doses of polio vaccine

Fine Print

  • All of the items featured in the kits are genuinely needed and used by the programmes that UNICEF supports.
  • However, realistically, there are only so many of certain types of items such as exercise books for schools or blankets for babies that are required and so if you have purchased an Inspired Gift your donation will not necessarily be used to purchase the item shown but will be used to help UNICEF to continue with its full range of work right around the world.
  • Upon a successful purchase of a UNICEF kit, strictly no-refunds or cancellations.
  • This donation drive is not applicable for Tax Exemption Receipts (TER).
  • 100% of donations go directly towards UNICEF.
  • For any inquiries, please call 1 300 300 010 or email
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