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Watch designs come to live and design every detail with AutoCAD software. This software is one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D design platforms. Topics included in this course are 3D interface, thickness and elevation, model visualising, z coordinates, and more.

What you get

Chapters titles:

  1. 3D Interface
  2. Thickness and Elevation
  3. Visualizing Your Model
  4. Z Coordinates
  5. User Coordinate System
  6. 3D Orbit
  7. 3D Navigation
  8. 3D Model Objects
  9. 2D Solids and 3D Faces
  10. Basic 3D Surfaces
  11. Complex Surfaces
  12. Creating Solids
  13. 3D Edits
  14. Solid Composites
  15. Modifying Solid Faces
  16. Editing Solids
  17. Sections and Flat Objects from 3D Models
  18. Introduction to Rendering
  19. Materials
  20. Lights
  21. Render Environments and Background
  22. Advanced Render Commands.

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RM458 RM55