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"342L ECONAVI Technology Tanto Tray Jumbo Freezer Door Control Panel Ag Clean"

  • 342L
  • ECONAVI Technology
  • Tanto Tray
  • Jumbo Freezer
  • Door Control Panel
  • Ag Clean

Product details

Refrigerators have long been thought of as the boxy, boring behemoths of the kitchen. But times have changed, with manufacturers increasingly thinking outside of the icebox to try to redefine what the modern refrigerator is really capable of. The Econavi 2 Door Fridge 342L NR-BR347Z Stainless by Panasonic is nothing short of modern and practicality. With Econavi, the refrigerator automatically sense condition in your home environment, and optimize their operation throughout the day and night. A true definition of modern life refrigerator.

Cut That Electricity Bills
With Panasonic ECONAVI intelligent fridge, power is varied to suit the situation; more power in the day when it is often opened and closed, and switches to ECONAVI (energy-saving) mode at night when it’s hardly ever used. This gives an extremely efficient operation for dramatic energy saving, which means reduced electricity costs.
Easy Reachability
The refrigerator compartment is used 75% of the time and the freezer 30% of the time. So the refrigerator compartment has been placed on top and the freezer on the bottom. This new eye-level accessibility is more convenient. For convenient storage of heavy, space consuming vegetables, the vegetable case is located in the center where items are easy to see and take out.
Reliability Meets Advance Technology
Panasonic refrigerators embody the essence of Japanese manufacturing. Since 1953, eighty million Panasonic refrigerators have been sold in Japan and around the world. To ensure the long and loving support of our customers, we have carried on the steadfast pursuit of easy use and high quality throughout this long history.

RM1907 RM1582