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  • Surface hardness
  • Delicate touch
  • Explosion-proof/ shatter-resistant
  • Ultra slim thickness
  • Made of tempered glass, excellent work performance and durable

Product details of Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Yes Altitude 5"

The tempered glass protector has four layers, that is, nanostructured coating, tempered glass, explosion-proof film and silicone coating. But the four layers have been tempered in chemically processing. Sharp tools like fingernail, key or even knife cannot pose threat to the screen. It is 0.3mm and ultra-thin to guarantee the high sensitivity of the touch screen. The superb oleophobic coating can greatly keep the dust, oil contamination and finger mark far away from your phone. On the other hand, the contamination can be easily got rid of. The water proof function also adds the glamour to the protector. Smooth edge design comes to ensure the safety of your hand.


RM30 RM16