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  • Corrects leg problem 
  • Strong shock absorption decreases leg pain
  • Remembers your feet's shape
  • Softens shoe's insole
  • Tailor-cut to suit feet
  • Women size: 35-40 (22.5cm - 25cm)
  • Men size: 38-44 (25.5 - 28.5cm)

Product details of Memory Foam Insoles (1 Pair)

Excessive walking or the need to stand for long hours may lead to leg problems or foot discomfort.


The Memory Foam Insole with Shock Absorption will relieve your legs!


It's made of EVA memory foam which remembers your feet shape and softens your insole for a comfortable day ahead.

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To use:

  1. Remove original insole
  2. Trace and cut insole with guide of original insole and leg size
  3. Put insole back into shoes
  4. Air the insole when not in use
  5. Recommended to buy 2pairs for alternate use


Have a happy feet!


S$40 S$9