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  • This one is the best feature of Anello backpack; As you can see from the photo below.
  • This backpack as the design is so simple yet very practical; it has a main compartment, two internal and one external pocket, two side pockets that are designed to put in your water bottle or a small umbrella.
  • For those who have a lot of stuff to carry and need to access your items quickly, this Anello bag is the best choice as it can keep your stuff well-organized.
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  • 2. Provide a clear view for easy find your things
  • When you fully open the backpack, the mouth of the bag became a big square shape, you can see every single corner just by looking at it from the top, so that you can organize your stuff in a very efficient way.
  • It is very easy to check every single item in the bag since your stuff is well-organized. Also, your bag will not fall when you put it on the floor or chair.
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  • 3. Exterior pockets for extra storages
  • Anello bag comes with a large exterior front zipper pocket which can put many things inside such as towel, phone charger, and small accessories.
  • It also has two side pockets for keeping the foldable umbrella, small to medium size drinking bottle or baby bottle that mothers can easily access and feed the baby.
  • 4. Light Weight
  • The bag is light in weight, it is only 400-600g depend on model, which means it is easy to carry even it is fully loaded.
  • Thanks to the well-designed and high-quality shoulder straps, you won’t feel hefty and tired after carrying a long time.
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  • 5. Easy Access Side Opening
  • It is considered a unique feature that there is an approximately 29 cm zipper at the back of the Anello backpack which allows you to access your stuff easily from this zipper instead of opening the main compartment on the top.

Product details of Japan Anello Pageboy Big Compartment limited edition Backpack

Why Anello bag is a must-have for every one of us, especially those who would like to have both practical and stylish way of carrying their stuff.

Anello backpack does have an elegant look, and it is spacious, not to mention the superb quality of their leather and canvas material of the bag.

Anello was born in 2005; it means ëgrowth ringí in Italian. They are so many bag designs that people can choose from; it is one of the many reasons why Anello is the most popular backpack in Japan. As you can see, the design is very simple, but it can be used in many different styling and scenes.

It is an ideal gift for both males and females simply because there are plenty of excellent designs. Below are the five must-have Anello bags you should buy.

Reference: http://anellobackpack.com/

S$63 S$21