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  • Safety gate for children
  • Locking system
  • Panel For -Sg-21
  • Width : 27 Cm (10.63")

Product details of Lucky Baby® SG-27EFBK 2 Ways Smart Extension 27™ Panel For - SG-21BK

All babies are naturally curious about their world. A baby’s world is full of new adventure yet i salso fill with apparent danger.Parents should always learn the importance of both preparation and prevention during the stages of a infant’s life. Preventing a baby from gaining access to stairs and kitchen to prevent injury from a sudden slam and etc. Lucky Baby designed a variety of safety products like safety gate, floor mat, play mat to prevent infants from hurting themselves. Our products are convenience, comfortable, and specially designed for infant that is safe for them to use. Baby needs not only love and assurance but protection as well.
Product Features
  • The Essential tool o safeguard your child
  • Locking ystem
  • Safe to use
  • Extra protection

About Taime Ltd
The company was founded in 1967, by Teo Tong Hwang producing high quality baby hats. He names it Tai Mee after his lovely wife who was the brainchild of all the design work of the beautiful hats churning from the factory. In 1979 the company became a Private Limited Company under the leadership of Mr Teo Tong Hwang, the company begins to manufacture baby wear and gift sets wholesaling locally and also started to export to the Middle East region locally under their signature brand Lucky Baby. Since 90s, the company has progressively grown to become one of the trusted companies in Singapore in the distribution of the best products for mother and babies. This specialization also enables the company to expand the distribution to the regional markets. After which the company underwent a name change to Taime, the brand identity and product range of Lucky Baby was revamped to cater to the contemporary parents on the lookout for essential and innovative products. We strongly advocated the continuous research, designing, manufacturing and selling of quality baby products. Lucky baby which is truly a Singapore brand is proud to be leading brand in Singapore for quality baby products. This year being the 46th anniversary of the company, it remain to abide by its principal objectives to be assure that our products are designed and manufactured with love and care, to the extreme specialization and skills. Therefore our partner can reply on our exclusive solution to be there for provision of the best baby products.

S$40 S$30