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  • Fine-motor skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Cognitive development
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Introspection intelligence
  • Logical-mathemathical intelligence

Product details of Klikko DSK001 Geometric Project

Creative Play Ignites a Child's Imagination.


Klikko focuses on geometric shapes learning. With the interchangeable geometric shapes and connectors, your children will enjoy hours of fun building vehicles, structures, 3D objects, and more!


With Klikko, children learn to coordinate colours and shapes. They are also engaged in experimental and manipulative play, developing spatial intelligence and problem solving skills.


About Geometric Project

Geometry helps us discover patterns, find areas, volumes, lengths and angles, and better understand the world around us. Introduce geometry to your child with Klikko Geometric Project. Construct 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional models to discover and learn.

S$36 S$22