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  • Customized installation at your home
  • One package price with no hidden cost
  • Easy-to-use radio-controlled motor
  • Motor holds curtains of weights up to 50kg

Product details of TUBE NC50 Curtain Motor with Remote


Terms & Conditions

  • We have made this package as extensive as possible so that it can fit most of your needs.  To ensure that we’re able to provide the best fit possible, we make the consultation mandatory. We will be able to discuss with you the details of the work when our experts visit your home.
  • Our experts will do a survey of your window and evaluate how we fit the motorized track. We will only proceed upon re-confirmation that we can do the motorization.
  • There may be instances in which a motorized curtain installation may not be possible (eg. curved track, ceiling not suitable for track fixing, extensive work required on fabrics, etc). If such instances occur, we will not be able to install our motorised track. The order will have to be cancelled from the customer’s end citing incompatibility as the reason of cancellation. The payment that was made will be refunded by the marketplace accordingly to their terms and conditions. (i.e cancelation must be done by 14 days after the order is placed) By placing the order, you hereby agree to these arrangements.  

S$589 S$494