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  • Vinyl Non-slip coated for extra protection and soft grip
  • Flat bottom to stop weights from rolling
  • Perfect addition to aerobics and step workouts
  • Can be held in hands while walking to boost calorie-burning
  • Add intensity to every workout and sculpt strong, lean muscles
  • Create your own custom resistance routine with a range of weights, coated in vibrant colors
  • Excellent for fitness training and exercise
  • Available in 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg (Sold in pairs)

Product details of Ladies Vinyl Dumbbells 2kg (Pink) (Sold in Pair)

Vinyl Hand Weights Dumbbells Pair in 2kg. Made from high quality Iron with Vinyl coated robust Non-Slip layer protection and soft comfortable grip. With Flat base design which keeps dumbbells in place making it easy to drop and pick up. Vinyl layer stops damaging the floor. Great for fitness and exercise purpose with different weights size.

When training your legs, dumbbells are generally the easier and safer means of maintaining balance and building muscle mass. While it's possible to achieve the same results using either type of weight, using dumbbells can foster good form, resulting in a more effective workout. If you're a beginner or are training without a spotter, dumbbells offer the safer option, enabling you to let go of the weights if need be without endangering yourself. To build well-distributed muscle mass, dumbbells also ensure that you use each side of the body evenly. By contrast, it's easy to inadvertently favor one side or the other when you're gripping a single barbell. Dumbbells also permit a greater range of motion, letting you perform exercises that work more of your muscles. As an added benefit, dumbbells require greater coordination and stabilization of your core and limbs.

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0.5kg – $25 - pink - Length between head - 130mm
1kg – $29 - Red -Length between head - 165mm
1.5kg - $33 - pink - Length between head - 175mm
2kg - $ 38 - Pink - Length between head - 190mm
3kg - $47 - Pink - Length between head - 210mm
4kg - $56 - Red - Length between head - 220mm
5kg - $64 - Blue - Length between head - 220mm
6Kg - $73 -  Purple  - Length between head - 230mm



S$55 S$28