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  • Minimize Asthma attack and others respiratory problem
  • Eliminates insects and suppress bateria
  • Improves immune system and allergies
  • Relive stress and depression
  • Improve memory and vitalityReduce Insomnia
  • Prevent Radiation
  • Purifies Air
  • Disintegrate smoke and eliminates bad odor

Product details of Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3KG

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Certified by the Country of Origin to 
"Genconnect Pte Ltd"

Genconnect Salt Lamps are 100% extracted from the 
Punjab region of Pakistan.

They are mined at the Khewra Salt Mine
where premium salt stone was found.


Authentic Pink Himalayan Salt        


OURS Low Grade
  • Pink and Reddish Bright tone
  • No White Bubbles on Surface
  • Surface sealed to prevent moisture absortion
  • Healthy Glow    
x Pale and Dull Tone
x Plenty of White Bubbles
x Left Exposed to Air  
x Uneven Glow






A Solid Marble Base is always the best for Salt Lamp over Wooden Base.
 As we know, Authentic Salt Rock does weeps over some if the lights are not always turned on.

The weeping (melting) of the salt stone will melt from top to bottom and eventually, the wooden base will be corroded. 

All our Salt Lamp comes with Quality Marble to give you the best experience of having an Authentic Salt Lamp at home and work place.

What size do you need?

2-3kg - 100 sqft (Small Bedroom)

3-4kg - 120 sqft (Medium Bedroom)

4-5kg - 145 sqft (Large Bedroom)

5kg-7kg - 200 sqft (Living Room)

   8-10kg - 300sqft (Large Living)

>10kg - (Join Rooms & Commercial Spaces)


S$70 S$26