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  • The origin of the : China mainland
  • Price : 10 yuan
  • Brand : Music fun
  • Types of toys : Plastic toys
  • Are there shopping guide video : No
  • Applicable age : 12 months
  • Applicable age : 18 months
  • Applicable age : 2 years old
  • Applicable age : 3 years old

Product details of Educational toys pairing smart egg minis--know color and SHAPE AB paragraph 6 8 yuan


very funny puzzle toys ~

in particular, each weight is 0.15 kg.

the size and shape of the same with the real egg, don 't have to worry about the baby will swallow.

products using high quality plastic security tasteless, meticulous workmanship, each corner is sleek, basic no what burr, won 't to the baby fine lazy skin to cause any harm.

pairing: put a few eggs half points together, so that children assembled.

collision: put a few eggs together, let the children free play, hit each other.

in physical and picture color and shape may be slightly different, to prevail in kind received oh!

a version with a 6 (12 half, not within the same shape) eggs, with exactly the real egg shape, almost like genuine, crisp sound of the collision, when rotating funny sample, making it unique in the toy group. its characteristics in internal, is also its function location, various kinds of shapes and colorful symbol, let children fondle admiringly. in order to improve the baby know capacity of graphics, inspired baby eye trouble coordination, training reaction ability, also can improve the baby 's wisdom.

S$3 S$2