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  • Windows 7
  • Intel Core i5-2420M @ 2.50GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 320 GB HDD  
  • Screen Size 14''
  • Free 1 year warranty

Product details of (Refurbished) Dell Latitude E5420 Business Laptop 14''

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Dell Latitude E5420

When Dell means business, it doesn't kid around. The Dell Latitude E5420 is one of the toughest-looking corporate laptops I've seen that isn't specifically designated as ruggedized.  From its dark grey, brushed anodized aluminum case to its magnesium-based insides and sturdy-looking hinges and lock, everything about it screams "hard-core business tool."

Office rooms are more mobile than ever, most of the time users only need their data, and these are always available at hand on the small folding computer. What is less important when it comes to use are performance and high-end features, instead 'mobility, productivity, and robustness' are more pertinent. It is precisely these characteristics with which Dell is marketing its newest business spouse; the Latitude E5420.



The keys with a crisp pressure point and a long key travel give a very good feedback. The separated arrow keys (+ page up/down) stand out from the keyboard, and can definitely be operated without looking. An alphanumeric keypad is out of the question due to the form factor of the device. Users have the opportunity to use this via key conversion using the Fn keys. The corresponding numbers and calculation symbols are marked in red on the letter keys. The base of the keys of the Latitude E5420 is generally firm, and provides the user with a firm end stop (not hard). The keys are pleasantly grippy. Merely the keys above the optical drive are a little bouncy when pushing them hard.

The Latitude E5420 Essential from the business line of Dell notebooks certainly lives up to its name. The 14 inch device is a solid notebook with matte high-quality surfaces, and top-notch input devices. Fingers fly across the touchpad and keys with ease and accuracy.

S$454 S$339