• 1. RX100/hx50 camera bag, seven days no reason returned or replacement of, let the pro the procurement process without fear! 2. buy one get five elements: special film + cleaning cloth + lanyard + brush + lens paper 3 nationwide shipping, default shipping tact, hong kong and taiwan except! 4. daily 16:00 before orders shipped the same day, with the exception of holidays
  • Brand : Sony canon samsung
  • Style : Portable handbag
  • Material : Leather
  • Style : Simple and

Product details of Black sony HX50 RX100 M2 M3 m4 WX500 HX60 HX90 protective holster camera bag


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  • making $35.90


remember remarks oh! default HAIR RX100 FILM, HX50 HX60 models please note HX50 AND HX60, inconvenience please understanding!


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