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  • Save clean-up time & effort as you blend & drinkfromthe same bottle
  • Easy-to-operate and highly efficient machine schedule
  • Has an On/Off switch with safety interlock
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Convenient flip to

Product details of Shake N Take 3 Fruit Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles Juicer - intl

Shake N Take 3  Fruit Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles Juicer

Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes to go!
Blend and drink from the same bottle. Just blend it and go
Convenient flip-top
Fits in car cup-holder
Spice up your life with this adorable Shake n Take 3 Juice & Blender!
It has Ultra-compact base with powerful high-capacity motor; it quickly turns fruit and more into mouth-watering smoothies. It has convenient flip top and the sport bottle fits into car cup holders, It has easy-to-clean surfaces as well as slim design which suitable for gym uses.
New  Shake N Take 3 Travel Blender with Stainless Steel Blade
The  Shake 'N Take 3 is a great size for a single serving of a protein shake, smoothie or whatever drink you need to mix. It mixes up quickly, can crush ice so your drink is nice & cold, and it's small enough so you can take it with you anywhere.
Product Specifications (Motor Base):
Wattage: 180 w 
Weight: 0.83Kg 
Motor Base Dimensions: 5.8 inch tall x 4 inch diameter 
On/off power switch with safety interlock
Product Specifications (1 x Sport Bottle):
Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 2.7inch 
Maximum container volume: 16 Oz / 500ml
Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes and go! Blend and drink from the same bottle. Crushes ice instantly. Just blend and go! Convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender crushes ice instantly, fits in car cup holders and easy to clean. A quick breakfast solution for families on the go! Add fruit to create a healthy fun snack! Blend a different drink for each of your friends! The perfect size for a light meal or treat at work. Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym. At home or on the road, just blend and go!
♦ Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes
♦ Convenient flip top straw
♦ Blend and drink from the same bottle
♦ Quick breakfast solution
♦ Ultra-compact base with a powerful high capacity motor
♦ Heavy duty plastic housing
♦ On/off power button with safety interlock on front of blender base
♦ Sports bottle has a twist-on lid with a built-in pop-up straw
♦ Built-in blades in bottom of sports bottle
First, take the cup and knife head there first rotation is good, then After installation in the machine, note that this site has four small mouth, when the cup put
Be sure to rotate when you go in, so that the machine can not be separated from the cup and then plug power, hand machine that has been holding down the button, each press stopped about 10 seconds, The duration can not be more than one minute, otherwise it will affect the machine because the temperature is too high Core Oh, remember. Hit the fruit into juice so far. Also note that it is important to fight

S$56 S$30