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  • Product Dimension (D x H): 58cm x 22cm
  • Material: Anti-burst 3000g PVC + ABS base
  • Product Weight: 6kg
  • Weight load: 220kg
  • Fast Shipment from Singapore

Product details of Bosu Ball Balance Trainer with Foot Pump (SG)

What is BOSU Ball Balance Trainer?

The BOSU ball was invented in 1999 by David Weck as a safer alternative to the traditional exercise ball. The BOSU works in a similar way to an exercise ball, by engaging the core muscles of the body to improve balance, but it is flat on one side, like a fitness ball cut in half, so it will not roll out from under you. The BOSU ball helps improve balance because the unstable surface forces you to use your core muscles to keep from falling off the ball. As you keep trying to stand on a BOSU ball, you will be eventually be able to keep your balance for longer periods of time because those core muscles will become stronger. Consequently, strong core muscles help your balance and posture during the activities of daily life.

✔ Bosu ball is a half sphere ball that has a flat bottom

✔ Bosu ball workout helps to improve your strength and balance, which is important for preventing injuries

✔ Works your core muscles and makes exercising more challenging as the sphere adds an element of instability to your workouts, thus forcing you to use your core to stay steady

✔ Allows user to combine all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, toning and flexibility in unique and highly effective combinations

✔ Helps to maximize the result of abs workouts, side oblique training, squats, push ups, aerobic etc

✔ Include a pair of resistance cords and a foot pump


S$110 S$79