• Enhance safety on the road.
  • Made from 3M™ Prismatic Reflective material.
  • Easy to stick.
  • Apply to your bicycle, motorcycle, helmet, walking stick, umbrella and more.
  • Visible to drivers even in low light conditions.
  • Available in exciting colour range.

Product details of 3M™ Safety Reflective Strips - Red


3M™ Safety Reflective  Strips

(12 pieces per pack)



Be Seen! Protect Yourself!

When you’re out on the road – be it on your bike or walking – you’ll want to be seen by other road users so they can give you a wide berth. The 3M™ Safety Reflective Strips can be pasted on any of your belongings to make you visible to drivers even in low light conditions.



  • Available in 5 colours- Fluorescent Orange, White, Red, Blue
    and Green
  • Made from 3M™ Prismatic Reflective material for enhanced visibility and detection
  • Constructed of Type 11 reflective sheeting for higher retroreflectivity
  • Easy application
  • For use on flat surfaces
  • Can be applied to your bicycle, motorcycle, helmet, walking stick, umbrella etc.

A safe environment begins with you. Act now to increase your personal safety on the road.

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Motorcycles are less visible than bigger vehicles on the road, putting motorcyclists in great danger. Enhance safety by pasting these reflective strips on helmets and on motorcycles.

(Reference: http://www.roadrider.com.au)

Children tend to be less cautious and hence are more susceptible to road accidents. Keep cycling as a fun and safe sport by pasting the reflective strips on their helmet and bicycle to enhance visibility to road users.  


(Reference: http://www.targetrichenvironment.net)

Elderly are vulnerable road users as they are less alert and slower in response. Pasting these reflective strips on their walking stick, trolley etc. can help ensure that drivers see them. 


(Reference: http://www.theepochtimes.com)

Safety is not an accident- it's a choice each of us can make. Keep you and your loved ones safe today with 3M™ Safety Reflective Strips.

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