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  • Public Institution/government required information security
  • Public place/company office/school/Bank
  • Blind with Microlouver technology
  • 3H Hard Coating
  • Clear display
  • Silver Nano Antibaterial coating

Product details of NANOBLIND 13.4 inch WIDE A Privacy Screen Filter for LCD Laptop (297.5x167.5mm)

NANOBLIND 13.4" Wide-A Privacy Screen Filter Film for 13.4-inch LCD Laptop Notebook

(Width: 297.5mm x Height: 167.5mm)

Important Notice!Before buying, make sure your size is right and read carefully the descriptions.


3H Hard Coating/ Eye-Sight/ Privacy Filter/ Backlight ReductionBlind with Microlouver technology - Invisible to anyone viewing from 30 degree sideview. Only visible in front of the monitor.Eyesight Protection, Clear Display, Scratch ResistanceSilver nano antibacterial coating Recommended for/inPublic Institution/government required information securityPublic place/company office/school/Bank 

How to apply

This Film filter is reversible. Both sides have same functions. Make sure that film fits the screen, and wipe out monitor screen before attaching film.Using enclosed adhesive tape. Attach the tapes at each edges of the film.Apply film to the monitor screen. Make sure not to touch the adhesive tapes with your fingers and press the edges. 


You do not need to use excessive force when installing or removing the screen protector or it may cause damage to the product.Do not use a cutter when you open the package.Any refund or exchange not available regard to damage caused by user. 


S$59 S$31