• 360┬░ Anti-Leakage Protection
  • Super Absorbent 3D Design
  • Panty-Like Fit
  • Soft & Breathable
  • Made in Korea

Product details of Kotex Overnight Panties M-L 2pcs

The new breakthrough Kotex Overnight Panties® with 360° anti-leakage protection helps keep you worry-free in any sleeping positions, all night long! Now, have a good night with super comfortable sleep ever during period.

Panty-like Design
Made with high quality flexi cottony-feel materials; combine panty and sanitary napkins in one; breathable and comfortable as of wearing cotton underwear

Super-absorbent with 3D Cutting
Long absorbent core with flexible three-dimensional cutting; fully cover to waist area; well fit and prevent leakage; further enhance the secure feeling

Suitable for people:
- Turning and tossing when sleep
- With heavy flow
- Feel nervous at night during period

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