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  • High transmittance tempered glass film without glue electrostatic adsorption
  • Brand : Bizoe/bai zhuo
  • Size : Other
  • Item : RX100/rx1

Product details of Bai zhuo for SONY RX100 M5/m4/m3/M2/iv/II RX1 A7II A7SII r2 steel foil



brand: zhuo bai toughened glass membrane

model:sonyRX100 RX100, m4/iv, RX100 M3/iii, RX100 m2/ii,m5, RX100RX1,Rx1 r,RX1 r2,A7 A7R A7S ii, II, ii

tips: SONY a7r A7, A7S, camera  can 't  the use of! size don 't suitable, please know!

package including: main screen * 1, lens cloth * 1 dry wet paper* 1

features: optical glass material, tempered glass protective screen of the fourth generation, electrostatic adsorption, no glue paste, scratch resistant, wear resistant, impact. does not affect the touch screen.



S$4 S$2