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  • 100% Handmade Product
  • Essential Oils
  • Safe to Use
  • Suitable for a variety of skin types and uses

Product details of Lemongrass House Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml

Lemongrass House is the leading provider of hand-made Spa Products to the World’s top Hotels and Spas. Lemongrass House is a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of aromatherapy products to major hotel spas in Thailand and around the world. The line has been known over the years for integrity, creativity and quality.

Established 17 years ago in Phuket Thailand by founder Bobby Duchowny (Hollywood Film Executive turned Aromatherapist), the brand first began selling in the famous Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok and not long after was supplying UNICEF with its signature all-natural Mosquito Spray. Bobby was inspired to create a brand that was based on a deeply rooted environmental commitment and incorporated pure ingredients sourced from sustainable resources.


Our pure Essential Oils are highly concentrated extracts from Flowers, Leaves, Spices, Fruits, Woods and Roots, each with its own benefits for the body and mind.


Properties of Lemongrass Essential Oil 

– Mosquitoes repellent

– Relieves stress and nervous exhaustion

– Improves circulation

– Relieves muscle aches and joint pain.


How to use it:

Mix water with 5 drops of essential oil in an oil burner to diffuse and inhale the scent.

For skin application please mix with a base oil before apply. Mix 10ml of base oil with a maximum 5 drops of essential oil.


Essential oil that blend well with Lemongrass Essential Oil

– Bergamot

– Cedarwood

– Geranium

– Jasmine

– Lavender

– Rosemary

– Tea tree

S$25 S$22