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  • 1 free "I love you Mum" Coca glass bottle
  • 12 cans x 330ML
  • Normal Coca-Cola

Product details of Coca-Cola 330ML x 12 cans + 1 free glass bottle Mother's day

Back in 1886, a pharmacist named John Pemberton created a flavored syrup, took it to his neighborhood pharmacy, where it was mixed with carbonated water and deemed “excellent” by those who sampled it. Hence, the birth of Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola Bottlers Malaysia started its operation in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan in 2011. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produce diversified portfolio of products including the world most valuable brand, Coca-Cola and other portfolio brands like Coke Light, Fanta Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, A&W, Aquarius, Minute Maid, Heaven and Earth, Glaceau Vitaminwater and Dasani. Globally, we are the No.1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffee and juices.

From promoting active lifestyles through their partnership with the Olympic Council in Malaysia, to working with Raleigh International and Muslim Aid Malaysia to provide access to clean water for more than 21,600 villagers in rural Sabah, and economically empowering women in East Malaysia through the SURI entrepreneurship programme – Coca-Cola is committed to building sustainable communities in Malaysia.


Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage at Jacob's pharmacy by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. Universally loved, Coca-Cola is available in several variants, including no-calorie options. Coca-Cola zero delivers the great taste of Coca-Cola, with zero sugar; zero calories. Coca-Cola light is a sugar and calorie free soft drink with a deliciously crisp taste.

S$12 S$8