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  • 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Shatter proof glass, Anti Scratch
  • Surface Water Repellent protector
  • Non-tacky adhesive 
  • Premium silicone adhesive 
  • Easily wipes away marks and fingerprints.
  • Anti-UV ray coated
  • No interference with touch-screen responsiveness

Product details of Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector For Samsung S8 Plus

Why Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

• Protection – 9H surface hardness surpasses steel, offering superior durability and scratch prevention, as well as impact, heat and chemical resistance
• Clarity – Crystal clear resolution and optical clarity far exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors
• Functionality – A thin thickness allows for greater touch sensitivity and exceptional form factor
• Ease of Use – A special adhesive makes application and removal a snap
• Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken












S$15 S$5