• 100% Natural Citronella Oil. No DEET
  • Safe for all ages
  • Up to 12 hours protection. 
  • Resalable bag keeps the product fresh. Please insert the remain of unused patches and seal the bag. 
  • 6 Different Froggie designs per bag, 2 sheets = 12 patches per bag
  • Easy to use: You may stick on any material but not directly on the skin.
  • Please remove patch off the clothes before washing the fabric.

Product details of MozzyGo® Froggie Patches - Natural Mosquito Repellent (36 patches per order)

We all hate mosquitos. They are annoying, leave us itching and can cause health problems. MozzyGo Patches will help you say good bye to mosquitos forever!

As one of the best mosquito repellent and mosquito control patches, we have multiple options that will guarantee natural solution to this frustrating problem. Never, ever, again, worry about mosquitos when you go hiking or walking in nature with your family.


As a natural mosquito repellent wearables, MozzyGo Patches do not use any creams or sprays! No chemical ingredients used that may harm the skin and that is why we can say that we are the best mosquito repellent!

With the non-woven polyurethane and the natural citronella oil, the patches will easily repel any mosquito coming to you in a natural way. Totally natural bug repellent and mosquito control patches!

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