• Slap chop for peeling 
  • Garlic garlic
  • Cutter shredder
  • 8.5 x 8.5 x 24.5cm

Product details of Slap chop for peeling garlic garlic cutter shredder Kitchen Tool Set


Product details of Slap Chop

Choosing an appliance for your chopping needs is difficult. Food processors are too bulky, and most kitchen slicer-chopper gadgets just have too many parts. With this hand-powered, multi-purpose Slap Chop, you have the best of both worlds. It is compact and it certainly does the job. The longer you let it chop, the finer it gets! Slap Chop, perfect as a newly-wed gift or even for those who have minimal kitchen space.

Healthy Eating
Combine raw potatoes, mushrooms and green peppers, and in a matter of seconds you have a tasty and healthy breakfast with scrambled, half-boiled or sunny side up eggs. And for those who want clean eating or are vegetarians can add carrots, celery and radishes or whatever mix of veggies you may prefer. Top it with some delicious grated cheese to make instant salad. No battery or electricity are needed in this Slap Chop for an easy, portable chopping.
Finer, Better
Slap Chop makes it easier for you to cook up soup or some zingy salsa. Simply chop it longer and it will become finer. It can even separate the skin from onions or garlic. For best results in removing onion skins, place a half or quarter of an onion with the outer skin facing the cutting board. Afterwards, add tomato, cilantro, jalepeno and the finely chopped onions to make fresh salsa in matter of seconds. Make your own specialized salsa for some yummy dippers.
Heavenly Toppings
Upon eating ice-cream or a nice bowl full of yogurt, it would be nice to have some condiments to further enhance the taste. Why not add some finely chopped nuts, chocolate or fresh fruit for toppings? With Slap Chop, it can chop it all with ease. Use the cover to pour the condiments of your preference on your desserts

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