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  • Ergonomic rubber handle and knob - No more blisters but only comfort with this safety opener. Most other safety can openers have plastic knobs which are very difficult and uncomfortable to turn, but this is a stainless steel manual smooth edge can opener, it is a safe cut can opener. And the stainless steel knob gives you grip, comfort and ease.
  • The compact and smart design- Makes it a perfect fit for your kitchen drawers and cabinet. If that isn't convenient, it has extra big holes at the ends so you can easily hang this safety can opener up to save space and also the end can be a little bottle Opener 
  • Stylish and creative design - The Special safety can opener imparts the ultimate cooking experience. It has a stylish and attractive design in black and steel colors that looks great in every kitchen. This opener has an extra big knob for easy and smooth maneuvering. 
  • Perfect gift - This side cutting safety can opener is quite simple to operate. The sharp cutting wheel makes opening cans an effortless task, even for senior citizen with weak hands from arthritis and wrist problems.

Product details of Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener Stainless Steel Ergonomic Anti Slip Can Opener

Openers Type:Can Openers
Metal Type:High-carbon alloy

To Use:  How;
Stuck the blade to the edge of the Can and gently turning the rotator clockwise, after slicing the metal cover around , just need to anticlockwise the rotator, and then you can take the opener away easily and the can cover also can be remove totally . Also you can decide to cut big, small or half of it

S$27 S$9