• Pants long : Shorts
  • The thickness of the : Thin section
  • Material : Other
  • Listing year season : In the spring of 2014
  • Applicable age : Olds age

Product details of Summer modal cotton leggings safety pants anti emptied three pants female culottes shorts lace layer cake (3 layer lace black)

pro this paragraph is paragraph, thin, transparent, not playing tight leggings, outer wear mm are to be with a good oh,

sorching summer wear breathable, cool oh!

style is very nice, hard lace lace is not on the market,

soft lace fabric is high crotch,

pro don 't dwell on the issue through the oh,

because the cost of is indeed very high,

store opened, popular demand for postage loss in this paragraph is done,

pro who quickly start oh,

these models don 't rush orders are on their way out of factory

when out of stock this way also said that it was not clear,

so pro optimistic on start!

purchase notes:

8 layer lace white microlens, for backing, wearing a skirt with the effect is quite good!

fit for waist: 1 7---2 ft feet 3

3 layer lace impervious for backing is also suitable for outer wear effect is very good!

suitable for waist 1 ft 3 7---2 ft

• size: low waist, size fits all



solid amount of tile size: length: 26 cm, maximum tensile to 46 cm;

waistline: 29* 2cm,maximum tensile to 47 cm* 2;

leg circumference: 21* 2cm,maximum tensile to 33 cm* 2;

above values are for the manual measurement, may be slightly error, please prevail in kind!

 exposed lace part, multiple layers of lace leggings women, sweet small sexy oh!

it can save closet in article n of the skirt,/not afraid emptied out hereafter, when this paragraph safety pants is very good

8 layer lace paragraph

3 layers of lace

S$3 S$3