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12-Month Access to 6 Language Course

You can learn:

  • English (320 hours 450 activities, Total 4 levels, 22 lessons per level)
  • Business English (240 hours 360 activities, Total 4 levels, 24 lessons per level)
  • German (240 hours 360 activities, Total 3 levels, 22 lessons per level)
  • Spanish (320 hours 450 activities, Total 3 levels, 22 lessons per level)
  • Italian  (240 hours 360 activities, Total 3 levels, 22 lessons per level)
  • French (240 hours 450 activities, Total 3 levels, 22 lessons per level)

The best team in Poland, creating e-learning courses accredited by the Ministry of Education. So far we have received two European Language Label awards from the Ministry of Education as the only company. It stands for the European sign of innovation in teaching and learning foreign languages. The Lerni application was awarded in the Appaward 2014 competition as the best educational app of the year.



  • An individual learning schedule
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want to learn
  • Enrich your vocabulary with the most necessary words
  • Start learn from appropriate level
  • Listen, speak, read - immerse yourself in the language and learn faster!
  • Learn from native speaker
  • The speech identification system
  • Points and badges
  • Constant stimulation and motivation to develop
  • Tailor the course to your individual needs
  • Follow the statistics and control your progress
  • Get a certificate confirming your language competence


Inside Lerni:

  • Grammar
  • Dialogue
  • Dictation
  • Vocabulary
  • Movies
  • Photo lessons
  • Educational games
  • Exercises
  • Games
  • Explanatory dictionary


Learn foreign languages with Lerni and conquer the world. Travel to the most remote places, explore the most beautiful corners of the Earth, and work in international companies.


  • Travel around the world - start visiting new places and meet fantastic people;
  • Develop your career - make new business contacts, get a rise, improve your work;
  • Study abroad - make your dreams come true and get knowledge from the best universities in the world;
  • Read classic books in original - read your favourite novels and experience those stories in native language;
  • Watch movies without subtitles - enjoy a original picture from directors in original language
  • Make your own playlist - sing songs with understanding;
  • Fluent pronunciation and accent - speak new language as a native;
  • Self-confidence - reach your personal and professional goals.

Terms and conditions:

Access will be valid for 3/6/12 months (depending on your choice) after completion of activation process. During the time, user can access to whole Lerni platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which means you can learn whole languages in "Lerni" platform anytime you want.



  1. Please send your voucher to and you will receive your Activation Code within 48hours.
  2. Visit
  3. Enter your email and create your own password. Then put your activation code in "Enter a promo code" box. /Please remember that code has to be plain text, without any extra signs./





S$470 S$50