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12-Slide Festive Themed Light Projector

These light projectors come with 12 different slides that display a variety of themes from Christmas to Summer & Birthday parties 

The Specifics:
 - Irradiation Distance: 9.8-16.4ft/3-5 metres (optimal distance)
 - Irradiated Area: approx 300 square foot 
 - Cable Length: 5m  
 - Input Voltage: 110V-240V 
 - Waterproof grade: IP44 
 - Runs for 6 hours, then turns itself off 
 - Cable Length: 5m 
 - Input Voltage: 110V-240V 

 What in the box: 
- 12 Different Slides included: 
 • Christmas
 • Stars 
 • Hearts
 • Butterflies
 • Halloween
 • Shamrocks
 • Snowflakes 
 • Autumn Leaves
 • Peace Dove
 • Party 
 • Birthday 
 • Make-up




  • Designed for all year-round use
  • The projector comes with a base and spike for sticking into the ground
  • Motion projection lighting system displays a kaleidoscope of festive, interchang...
  • Can be displayed on interior or exterior settings
  • Create an enchanting experience at every celebration, like birthdays, Christmas,...
  • Built-in daily timer: Runs for 6 hours, then turns itself off. Turns back on aut...


  • Delivery will take 15 days from date of purchase

S$80 S$39