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Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Animal Repeller

Keep the garden pests away with this Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Animal Repeller 

The Specifics:
-Easy to install: simply drive the stake into the ground and let it charge in the sun
-Solar-powered and fully weather-proof
-Coverage area: 2,425 square feet


  • Repels foxes, rats, mice, moles, badgers, deers and any other pesky pests!
  • Emits a tone that people cannot hear but repels common outdoor pests
  • It won't affect wild birds in your garden or pet dogs
  • Features a passive infrared sensor (PIR); detects motion and triggers the ultras...
  • Safe and humane way to keep unwanted animals away


  • Delivery will take 15 days from date of purchase

S$39 S$24